My Story

After losing my little dog I wanted to create something unique and meaningful, something I could basically use to carry her with me. 

As an Artist and Jewellery maker, I knew I wanted it to be something unique and truly special. After research on my part, I was able to create a pendant containing her ashes. My work developed from there and now, three years on, I'm able to offer something special and meaningful to others.

I work on each item (order) individually. This means I don't work with two or more ashes at the same time. So there is no risk of contamination.

The main colouring is mixed with ashes and to finish off my items, I choose to cast individual pieces of ash 'on top' of that main colour. These are the little black/off white or grey pieces you see in my photos - they are individual grains of ash, each hand picked.

Ultimately I hope I am trusted to make something truly special, and I am always so thankful for that trust when asked to create my items.

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