SALE 9ct Gold Opal Pendant

Listed as part of my clearance section, as I'll no longer be offering this style of work.

The yellow gold oval has been hand sculpt to create a lovely ornate shape, featuring small loops and curves. This is an 'open backed' setting (meaning you can see the stone on the back of the pendant), so it is much lighter than you'd expect. Perfect to wear for work or night! As it won't feel too heavy.

The pendant holds a stunning synthetic Opal gemstone, which measures approx. 14 x 10mm in size - leaving a small golden frame around the outside, adding an extra couple of mm either side. This makes the pendant a decent size, not too small.

What really catches your eye with this pendant is the gemstone.... typically with an Opal, it features an array of magical rainbow colours hidden within the white base of the stones colour. These catch the light beautifully, and can really be seen in certain light. Check out all my photos!

As mentioned this necklace uses a synethic Opal gemstone.

Synthetic opal ( Polymer Impregnated synthetic opal) is impregnated in a laboratory for around a year. It has similar properties as that of natural opal. Basically the main difference with the natural opal is that the naturally occurring process of a synthectic stone has been sped up in the laboratory.

Synthetic opal has brighter colors, and larger color patches than in a natural opal. In a synthetic opal, color grain boundaries are highly irregular. Also, it has a distinctive pattern and it shows a more ordered array of colors because the intricate pattern of natural opal cannot be duplicated.

The pendant does NOT come with a chain, in order to keep the price low.

This pendant will be posted within a black pendant box, making an ideal gift.

** Please note, there is NO chain included with this auction piece**

SALE 9ct Gold Opal Pendant

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